Architecture and the ID

The id lives in the house of the mind. And buildings have souls, or so it seems. See strange libraries floating in space (a mind cathedral), a grinding factory, and glassy skyscrapers that reflect non-existent people. Whatever your interest in the mind, there are designs to suit your office, home, or wardrobe.

Industrial Revolutions Framed Print hangs on the wall above... A satanic mill from the imagination that grinds fibres until they leak into time. This illustration from the time travel book, TIME AERIALS is bold and provocative. See all Industrial Revolutions products.

DNA Temple Framed Print hangs on the wall above... See all Temple products.

Mind Library Pillow a cathedral of thoughts and memories on a soft pillow. See all Mind Library products.

Man in the Glass City Framed Print. Glass and girders and a man in a suit who's not really there. See all Man in the Glass City products.

Temple wallpaper & other designs for the home. Delightful decor and fabrics featuring pastel coloured versions of the DNA Temple. Buy ready-made or sew your own.