Brain, House of the ID

The id is a place of desire and yearning, living in the more primitive parts of the mind (according to Freud's psychoanalytic theories). So here are some brains in various situations (outside the skull). They race as autonomous cars, swoop as brain helicopters, stand monumentally on plinths, and march like soldiers. They grow as potted plants and burst as atomic mushroom clouds. Whatever your interest in the mind, there are designs to suit your office, home, or wardrobe.

Networked Brain Duvet Cover drapes across the bed above. Sweet dreams. See all Networked Brain products.

Glowing Brain Throw Pillow. A glowing brain, lit by thoughts. See all Glowing Brain products.

Battle Robots Framed Print. Battle Robots storm across a sandy beach, hinting at all sorts of psychological problems. See all Battle Robot products.

Forest of Brains Jigsaw Puzzle. Exercise your mind as you try to piece together these petrified brains that stand like dead trees in a dead forest. See all Forest of Brains products.